Brand new website @YouthBankIntl http://

Brand new website @YouthBankIntl – Also check out the @grantcraft publication on #YouthBank model

Back to freelance

It has been very quiet on this blog over the past few years, but times are changing! I  am moving on and writing on this blog will be part of my routine again.

In 2011 I joined the European Foundation Centre (EFC) in Brussels to help make GrantCraft into a global resource for foundations.  The modern looks of the brand new GrantCraft  website – great job by my colleague Jen Bokoff  in New York!  – hide that GrantCraft has a track record of 15+ years.  Originally developed by Ford Foundation it was a resource used mostly by staff of US foundations, NGO’s, consultants and academia.  Over the past few years, through a joint effort of the EFC and the Foundation Center in New York the interest for GrantCraft among practitioners in Europe has significantly expanded.  We published new resources on a variety of topics, drawing on the practice of foundation all across Europe, the US and globally and many GrantCraft publications are now translated in Chinese, and Arabic, and some in Portuguese Spanish and Turkish

Early 2014, for a variety of (good) reasons,  the partners in GrantCraft have decided to dissolve the partnership.  The leadership of the European Foundation Centre and the Foundation Center set a great example by sharing the learning from the now dissolved partnership: check out the article in Alliance Magazine on Lessons Learned from a Trans-Atlantic Partnership

After some reflection I decided that I wanted to go back to working independently, making the most of my diverse experience in the world of foundations, NGO’s and government.  My last GrantCraft publication was released a few week ago and talks about YouthBank: a way to empower young people by getting them involved in making grants to support initiatives of their peers. YouthBank Model Has Global Appeal explores the commonalities and differences in how YouthBank is implemented globally and the case story provides funders with practical tips and ideas.

GrantCraft has been a  learning experience in many was, and I am sure I will be able to share some of that learning through new (freelance) ventures.

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