2011 – 2014

(besides promoting  and publishing GrantCraft)

report on a meeting among staff and partners of a private funder on youth agency in the context of repression and (post)conflict

facilitate kick-off meeting of a programme involving men in promoting sexual and reproductive rights and services


Coordinate a two year programme supporting organisations that work with sex-workers in Nicaragua, Bolivia and Brazil

Evaluate the gender portfolio in Latin America of a major private donor

Advisory services on enhancing e-collaboration through

Advisory services on strategy and fundraising to international NGO supporting trade unions and workfloor level organising

Facilitation of CIDSE-Caritas Europe Forum on collaboration of civil society organizations with European Union

Support to strategic planning of private trust funding grassroots women’s organizations, South Africa


Facilitation of annual strategic Board Retreat of organization active in international coöperation, Netherlands

(Interim) director of Euforic, involved in internet information services and consulting on use of web2.0 in international cooperation

Evaluation study and forward-looking assessment of gender mainstreaming activities of an international network of relief and development organizations, Brussels

2008 and earlier years

Development of a sample “Learning History” and a presentation on talent management for a network of female politicians with multi-cultural backgrounds, Netherlands

Development and facilitation of a team-event on ethnic diversity for an organization that support art and artist, Netherlands

Consulting services on age-sensitive personnel management to public institutions in water sector, Netherlands

Develop and write a proposal for EC-Call of Proposals for Non-State Actors in Development, Brussels

Develop and conduct three half-day training sessions on project appraisal for an organization that funds women’s organizations in developing countries, Netherlands

Design and facilitation of two events with members of the Workers Council on age-sensitive personnel policies in a large municipality, Netherlands

Development and facilitation of a team-event on age-sensitive personnel management and teamwork for municipal management team, Netherlands

Development, training and facilitation services for a workshop on diversity for member organizations  of a European CSO network, Brussels

Trainer on mainstreaming gender in public institutions for women’s organizations from various Balkan countries, Bosnia

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