I get a lot of inspiration from stories, here is one I heard on gender ……

A gender sensitive bridge

An engineer once commented: “Women’s rights, gender issues?  Stuff for activists and long meetings of policy makers and social workers, right?  None of my business.  What do you mean me that I have to be gender sensitive? A bridge is a bridge, concrete and steel.

But then someone asked him: who would be using the bridge?  The citizens of the town and villages around it of course, he said.

But would that be mostly men or women? Men, the engineer said, but also a lot of women.

Again a question was raised. Would the women be walking or using cars?  Men have cars, the engineer said, but women would walk most of the time. SO come to think of it, he said,  maybe we have to add a pedestrian lane to the bridge.

What else may these women need, they asked him? Women would want the bridge to be well-lit, the engineer  said, because it gets dark early in the winter.

There you are! Well-lit with a pedestrian lane, that would be gender sensitive bridge!

I know similar stories are being told that address the issue of de-mining, of bio-technological research, the lay-out of a refugee camp, the delivery of agricultural extension services and so on and so forth. Feel free to share……..

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