what I do

I work as freelance consultant for a variety of clients. I could be useful to you when you are involved in a social enterprise, a non-governmental or public organisation or a network and

  • you want to track how you are doing, or how the social programmes and policies you support are performing, or
  • you want to be more inclusive,  involve minorities,  recruit more women, appeal to young people or elderly for that matter, or
  • you feel your team or your network can boost its capacity to reflect and learn and to solve critical problems, or
  • you are faced with the need to reposition your organisation, maybe merge with another organisation or exit a field you have been supporting……………..

Together we will  find entry points to clarify and make your strategic goals operational so you can actually achieve them.  Examining the specific context of your organization, we will find the best ways to go about it.  In some cases you may wish to use my  interim management services to actually get things going (again).  We will always start from what works well in your organization.  Building on that we will generate and focus creative energy in your organization or network towards practical changes.


What I can do for you?

I offer advisory services that promote organisational change and learning and that help you to make diversity work for you. I

  • facilitate inclusive diversity and gender (self) assessments, benchmarking and audits
  • facilitate participatory strategic planning and visioning exercises that articulate and (re)frame your business model.
  • support managers to (re)focus and (re-)energize your change management strategy
  • conduct programme evaluations and facilitate the development of Learning Histories
  • explore and map your organizations learning practice and develop specific experiential learning trajectories
  • promote intervision and peer-review processes on organizational change, diversity and gender
  • design and implement capacity development processes

I also provide Interim Management Services in support of

  • core business processes in public sector and civil society organizations
  • development and implementation and review of gender mainstreaming and diversity policies
  • design, introduction and embedding of (experiential) learning processes and tools

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