about this blog

Some place else is where you end up when you do not know where you are going, at least according to Yogi Berra. I have ended up some place else even when I did know where I was going. So for me it is a place to meet plenty of surprising people and ideas.

I am Rosien Herweijer. I use this blog to share ideas about strategic change, diversity and learning in civil society and public sector organizations. As a freelance consultant I support managers and organizations in their efforts to learn and change.

For over twenty years I worked in international development coöperation, particularly on organizational development of civil society and public sector organizations.  I am an economist by training and I have lived and worked in the Netherlands, Bolivia, Santo Domingo and New York. After a career with UNDP and the Dutch Government I have been executive director of two NGO’s, one involved in grant-making for capacity development and another that – as a network organization and service provider – promoted the use of new social media.  Since 2008, I work as an independent advisor and interim manager based in Brussels, Belgium.

Learning, communication, diversity and gender are recurrent themes in my work.  How organizations (and networks) learn and deal with diversity and gender has a lot to do with how the people, tools and systems interact in an organization, and how managers communicate and create an environment that triggers and supports change and learning.

Most organizations benefit from being diverse, they actually stand to lose when they do not value and create space for unusual or different employees, stakeholders or clients.  But research also shows it can be hard to realize such benefits. I work with organizations that want to take on that challenge.

I am also an idealist and I believe the world will be a better place when we understand how discrimination and disempowerment works, and when minority groups and women can improve their positions and situation and claim their rights.

I have experience in Latin America and Europe but I work with clients all over the world.

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