hearts and minds….

Last week PSO – an organization I used to work with – celebrated its 25 year anniversary. A feat to be celebrated, indeed.  Two keynote speakers contributed to the celebrations.  Ilco van der Linde, founder of “dance4life” and  “masterpeace” who argued that people only come together and move when you speak from your heart, development cooperation has been too cerebral too long, and when people did not respond to the messages from the sector it is because we fail to connect with their hearts.  Rajesh Tandon of PRIA responded arguing that we should make sure our heart feeds into what we think to feed into action and criss-cross and backwards……

heads, hearts and action

I like that approach. I guess Ilco is right that a lot of conflict can be resolved and mediated when people put their heart to it, which makes his campaign “masterpeace” a brilliant initiative. But when NATO, Putin and Wen Jiabao discuss tension in Sudan their heads and their (economic and political) interests rule, not their hearts. So maybe we do need a mix of these two to feed into our action. And by the way, our actions also need to feed into our heads and hearts, which is simply another way of saying that we should learn from what we do

Happy anniversary PSO

note: the “heads” you see are 11 out of the 19 female Heads of State in 2010.


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