Evaluation frustration and fun

Evaluations have always been very important in international coöperation. Some of us evaluate, others are being evaluated or manage evaluation contracts and processes. Some of us find evaluation processes rewarding, many find it a frustrating experience. Too often we hear too little is done with the outcomes of evaluations, that no real learning comes from them. We also see that important stakeholders are not heard, or cannot influence the outcomes.

What is it that makes evaluating or being evaluated so frustrating? How can we do things differently. How can we use images? Social Media? Triggered by our frustrations and inspired by the ideas we developed addressing them, we want to create opportunities to share experiences. To do so we offer a compact series of tailor-made, modular – open subscription – learning events the first to take place in June 2010. In our philosophy the best cure for frustration is fun and the best learning is learning from each other!  We are not subsidized or sponsored. Participation in the events will be low-cost but not free.

The first event is scheduled for 23-25 June. Want to no more and register visit our website for more information? Go to www.evaluators5-0.net . For more stuff on evaluation check our blog evaluation5.0


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